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How Fish Creek United Church Was Created

Since 2013 the Faith Communities of St. Andrew’s United Church and Deer Park United Church have worshipped together, celebrating our faith, and the presence of God in our lives. Over the past eight years we have participated together in other activities and projects as well and shared our passions and gifts with each other and our wider community. After more than five years of joining together to worship, socialize and participate in each other’s programs, discussions began about how our two communities of faith could work more closely together in the future. A series of “Moving Forward, Building the Future” workshops were held with members of the two congregations, as well as an online survey. Building on the feedback received, in February 2020 an Amalgamation Steering Committee, comprised of lay members and clergy from both communities of faith, (ASC), was struck to explore pursuing a full amalgamation.

The steering committee investigated the many strengths and gifts apparent in the programs and ministries of each faith community, and the opportunities and the challenges choosing to amalgamate would bring. After consulting widely with the congregations, the ASC recommended that Deer Park United Church and St. Andrew’s United Church amalgamate into one community of faith.

 On November 7, 2021, we gathered for a congregational meeting and vote, where we prayerfully and intentionally decided to formally amalgamate the individual faith communities of St. Andrew’s United Church and Deer Park United Church into one new community of faith.

On January 16th 2022 this new community of faith held its first congregational meeting and chose a new name: we now look forward with joy and excitement to a new future together as Fish Creek United Church.


At Fish Creek the Sunday morning Worship Services are held at 10 A.M. at the Deerpoint Campus (77 Deerpoint Road SE). Everyone is invited to attend: we have programs for Children and Youth, and a Nursery for the youngest children, although they are always welcome to remain in the Sanctuary. Please see Children and Youth, under Connection & Community for more information.

Our Worship planning team strives to create engaging and meaningful services through prayer, preaching, scripture and music. It is a relaxed environment where all are invited to come just as they are and participate as they are comfortable.

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Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

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