Social Justice & Outreach


Affirm Ministry

Fish Creek United Church is an Affirming Ministry within the United Church of Canada. We are committed to being an inclusive, intentionally inviting community, to act as a haven for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities We strive to be public, intentional, and explicit in our support for, and invitation to, the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community. Together with other Affirming churches and organisations in the wider community we work to promote greater awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity issues at work, at home and in our local community, and to provide support where needed

Calgary Queer Church (CQC)

CQC is sponsored and supported by Fish Creek United Church and Shared Ministries, and Chinook Winds Region of the United Church of Canada

Calgary Queer Church has a vision of redefining what church is all about. We have a vision of providing a warm, inviting, radically inclusive place that you can call home. A place that you belong. Calgary Queer Church is a safe space for ALL people to engage in relevant worship, a deepening of faith, and meet like-minded people that value LOVE above all else. Come just as you are, with all that you are! Calgary Queer Church is a safe space to serve, heal, contemplate, grow, question, and sit in this mystery that we call God. Everyone, ALL ages, ALL identities, are welcome at CQC! CQC worships online only, two Sunday evenings a month, For more information, please visit or Calgary Queer Church on Facebook.


Malawi Water Project

Fish Creek United Church supports the work of the Malawi Water Project. This is an organisation that works to provide clean drinking water to villages in Malawi, Africa through an ongoing project to build and distribute bio-sand water filters. The program offers education on the maintenance of the filters and teaches proper sanitation and hygiene to reduce the incidence of water borne illnesses and death. For more information please go to

Bow Bottom Community Garden

The Bow Bottom Community Garden is located at Fish Creek United Church (77 Deerpoint Road SE) The garden provides fresh produce and plants and the opportunity for satisfying labour, and serves to create a sense of neighborhood improvement, a sense of community, and a connection to the environment. One of the plots is a “Charity Plot” where community garden members grow fresh produce to contribute to food security programs. There are twenty 10’x10’ plots which lease for the season at $25 on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information contact the office by emailing or calling 403-278-8263.

Catching the Light

There was great desire to be good stewards of the earth in the Deer Park and St. Andrew’s United Church congregations that continues at Fish Creek United Church. In 2018, when the Alberta Provincial Government announced enhancements to its Residential and Commercial Solar Program, an ad hoc committee was formed to pursue putting solar panels on the Deerpoint Road building’s roof.

The committee was called Catch the Light. After obtaining indicative quotes from a couple of solar system providers, the committee determined how much money the church would need to raise for the project, net of the Provincial government grant. A grant application was submitted, and after initial approval for the grant by Energy Efficiency Alberta, a fund-raising initiative was kicked off to raise approximately $40,000 to install a 29.26 Kw solar panel system. Approximately $20,000 was provided by the Provincial grant.

To raise funds the committee first screened a video called Understanding the Weather Machine. This raised awareness of the urgency of climate change. Then an Open House and Silent auction were held with auction items such as original paintings, glass art, wildlife photography, handmade quilts and vacation accommodation donated by participants of Deer Park and St. Andrew’s United Churches. Donations also came from businesses in the surrounding community. Finally, solar panels were “sold” to individual donors at $500/panel.

The fundraising was successful and the system went live on October 24th.

The Benefits

Locking-in at least part of our electricity costs for 25 years.
Showing environmental leadership and partnership in the surrounding community.
A unifying sense of action taken, and a job well done.

More Information

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