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Funerals & Memorials

Funerals and Memorial Services are as unique as the person’s life being celebrated and remembered. Fish Creek United Church staff can assist you in planning a service for a loved one or in pre-planning your own funeral or memorial service.

A call to Fish Creek when a loved one has died will open the door to support and comfort in your time of grief and loss. In addition to assisting, you with the service, Fish Creek United Church can also provide ongoing support in your time of grief



Weddings are great celebrations of love and hope. Our staff at Fish Creek United Church hope to make your special day as memorable as we can.

As an Affirming Ministry within the United Church of Canada we welcome all couples to celebrate their love in our space. As a Faith Community, Fish Creek United Church is called to live out God's love, by loving and serving others, embracing diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. We affirm the right of any couple in a loving relationship, who are legally eligible for marriage in the Province of Alberta, to celebrate their marriage at Fish Creek United Church. The final decision to conduct a marriage ceremony resides with the minister.

When planning your wedding, email us early in the process to secure your ideal date. A member of the Fish Creek United Church staff will meet with you, and journey with you, as you prepare for your wedding.

Fish Creek United Church supports healthy relationships and all will be required to participate in a marriage preparation course. 



Baptisms are a celebration of life – our life, God’s life in us and us in God’s life. Fish Creek United Church baptizes infants, and people of any age if they were not baptized as a child. Baptism declares that all people are children of God and that all are “stardust” from the dawning of creation. Our lives are full of energy and love to be nourished and celebrated.

When we baptize, we are following the command of Jesus by claiming and welcoming all people as beloved children of God. Baptism is about faith, hope, care, love, and grace. Promises are made by parents, the church, and those being baptized as older children or adults to love and care for each other within a community of faith.

Baptisms are usually celebrated once a month during our Sunday morning worship service. Parents presenting their children for baptism are asked to come and meet with one of the ministers and a volunteer from the church.

Adults and youth are normally baptized and/or confirmed, following a time of learning and community building. This often is in the form of a course offered by the staff.


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