Camp Caravan

Camp Caravan - Following the Spirit

What a fabulous summer!

As summer 2023 for Camp Caravan has come to an end, we’d like to give a shout out and huge thank you to Fish Creek United Church, St. Thomas United Church, Southwood United Church, Woodcliff United Calgary and Symons Valley United Church for hosting Camp Caravan this summer!
Thank you to our wonderful Camp Caravan Crew for bringing the needs of every living thing to life for our campers!
Thank you to all who attended camp, those who supported, volunteered, and sponsored campers, it is all possible because of you.
We look forward to seeing you at our events throughout the year and at Camp Caravan 2024!
Following the spirit, your Camp Caravan Crew,
Megan, Brenna, McKenzie, Emily and Miriam

    Camp Caravan is a week-long summer day-camp program for children, from kindergarten to grade 7, at various community locations in Calgary and area. Children will explore ways in which they can experience God's love and "Follow the Spirit" in their everyday lives, all while building friendships and having fun.

    It is filled with epic learning experiences children will see, hear, touch, and even taste! Through small group activities, sharing stories of feeling God’s power at work, and team-building games, everyone will be kept on the move, as we find creative ways to discover God’s mighty power and love. Children will explore their faith through a variety of activities and media sources such as music, crafts/art, stories, games/activities, science and themed snacks. Although there are Bible stories and mentions of God, our focus is on virtues, community building and being kind. All activities are facilitated by engaged and active leaders that are focused on making sure all children feel included and accepted for who they are.

    We do feel strongly that no child should miss out on a camp experience due to finances and have a subsidy option if applicable. To access the subsidy, you can email or note it on the form at time of registration. For more information please contact Lisa.

    Camp Caravan - Following the Spirit